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  • Au Sable River, Manistee River - Anglers of the Au Sable
    The Riverwatch Online is the newsletter for the Anglers, an environmental/flyfishing organization of over 600 members in mostly five states, but also in others and in Canada and the U.K.
  • Baltic Sea - BALtic Sea region on-Line Environmental information Resources for INternet Access BALLERINA
  • Baltic Sea - Baltic Sea Drainage Basin GIS, Map and Statistical Database
  • Blackleggs Creek Watershed Association - Association dedicated to the enhancement and protection of the Blackleggs Creek Watershed located in southern Indiana County, PA.
  • Blackwater/Nottoway Riverkeeper - Founded to protect the Blackwater and Nottoway rivers in Tidewater VA. from the harmul effects of pollution and to promote the natural ecological balance.
  • Boise River 2000 - A non profit association of concerned citizens and government agencies dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Boise River of Idaho from Lucky Peak dam to the Snake River.
  • Budd-Deschutes and Nisqually Rivers - Thurgood Marshall Middle School
  • Buffalo River - Buffalo River Stewardship Foundation
    Buffalo River Stewardship Foundation uses economic incentives to protect America's first National River.
  • CALFED Environmental Water Program - The EWP hosts monthly workshops to present and receive feedback on program development.
  • California Environmental Education Network - The network to Seminars and conferences, to the Environmental Education Resource Guides and the CERES Environmental Education Web.
  • The Catawba River Foundation - to promote an environmentally sound program for management, conservation, and preservation of the Catawba River.
  • Chehalis River - Chehalis River Council
    Chehalis River Council is a non-profit citizens group working to improve water quality throughout one of Washington State's largest watersheds.
  • Chehalis River  - Chehalis River Council
    The Chehalis River Council is a nonprofit citizens group working to improve water quality throughout one of Washington State's largest watersheds. The web site has lots of information, including a complete description of the watershed online in the Chehalis River Basin Action Plan. This 1992 document identifies water quality issues facing the Chehalis river system.
  • The Chest Creek Restoration Project - is working to make the Chest Creek in Patton, PA a better place for fishing and recreation.
  • The Chetco River Watershed Council - The Chetco River Watershed Council manages the Chetco River Watershed, which runs from the Kalmiopsis Wilderness to the Pacific at Brookings Oregon.
  • CCA Texas - Coastal Conservation Association Texas seeks to conserve the marine resources of the Texas Gulf Coast through programs of education, legislation and law enforcement.
  • Clearwater - Clearwater Hudson River Sloop conducts environmental education, advocacy programs and celebrations to protect the Hudson River, its tributaries and related bodies of water.
  • Coastal Conservation Association - The objective of CCA-NY is to promote, protect, and enhance the present and future availability of the coastal resources for the benefit and enjoyment of the general public.
  • Coldwater Fisheries Coalition. - CFC is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoration and protection of wild trout and salmon fisheries.
  • Colorado Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit - associated with Colorado State University.
  • Columbia Kootenay Fisheries Renewal Partnership - A community oriented partnership dedicated to renewal and enhancement of fish populations, fish habitat and aquatic ecosystems.
  • The Columbia & Snake Rivers Campaign - Returning salmon by restoring rivers, is a coalition of regional and national conservation organizations, sportfishing organizations, and fishing businesses and associations committed to restoring wild salmon and steelhead in the Columbia River.
  • Connecticut River - Connecticut River Education Initiative
    CREI consists of a unique consortium of non-profit educational institutions from four New England states working together to establish a broad spectrum of educational resources inspired by the study of the Connecticut River watershed.
  • - Flyfishing and Stream Restoration Resources. is the flyfishing angler's resource for preservation and restoration of coldwater streams.
  • Cuyahoga River - Crooked River Project
    Crooked River Project is implemented by members of NASA Summer Camp 95 from Strongsville with help from the camp staff.
  • CSPA - The California Sportfishing Protection Alliance (CSPA) has been actively involved with the operations of hydropower projects in California for about 25 years.
  • Cuyahoga River - Strongsville High School Math-Science Classes Study The Cuyahoga River
    This project used watershed education as a means to integrate math analysis, chemistry and technology in an environmental context.
  • Danube River - Danube Environmental Programme and DANIS - Danube Information System
  • Danube River - Save the Danube River
    First environmental lawsuit ever brought before the International Court of Justice
  • Delaware River - Delaware River Watershed Education Consortium
    Watershed study projects at more than 31 Eastern Pennsylvania schools have pooled their efforts into the Delaware River Watershed Education Consortium through the efforts of DCNR -- Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center.
  • Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association (ECWA)Ellerbe Creek, part of the Neuse River basin, flows from west to east the full width of Durham County, North Carolina
  • Earth Day - Fifteen Things You can Do to Make a Difference in Your Watershed.
  • Elwha River Restoration - Construction of the two dams in the early part of this century on the Elwha River blocked fish passage and greatly diminished usable fish habitat on the upper portion of the river.
  • Eno River - Eno River Association
    The historic Eno River is a free-flowing, clean stream in an urban setting.
  • Fish Unlimited - Through education and public awareness, Fish Unlimited will advocate responsible stewardship of our planets fresh and salt water estuaries, along with their respective ecosystems, in order to preserve these priceless resources for current and future generations.
  • Five Rivers - offer a complete river maintenance programme as well as tree surgery, forestry, fencing and estate & leisure water management.
  • Four Mile Run - 
    An important urban stream -- " at the cutting edge in urban watershed management for nearly two decades."
  • French Creek - French Creek Environmental Education Project
    FCEEP focuses on French Creek and its surrounding watershed, located in southwestern New York and northwestern Pennsylvania.
  • Geology by Lightplane - Photos showing the geology surrounding in several famous trout fishing rivers, taken from a small aircraft in 1966.
  • Grand River - Grand River Conservation Authority
    The authority manages vital land and water resources in the Grand River watershed.
  • Granite Bay Flycasters - Conservation of cold water fisheries is a cornerstone of the club's activities and expenditures.
  • Great Lakes - Great Lakes Information Network
    A cooperative project of agencies and organizations in the region that work together to make their Great Lakes regional information available on-line.
  • Great Lakes - Great Lakes Regional American Indian Network
    Great Lakes Regional American Indian Network wants to introduce tribal people and communities to the Internet.
  • Great Lakes - Environmental Assoc. for Great Lakes Education (EAGLE)
    Environmental Assoc. for Great Lakes Education (EAGLE) is a non-profit organization which works on environmental issues throughout the Great Lakes Bioregion.
  • Green, Cedar, and Snohomish Rivers - King County Water and Land Resources
    Lead agency for watershed planning, restoration, and community involvement.
  • Humboldt Bay - Humboldt Bay Symposium
    Sept. 13-15, 1996 forum for residents of the Humboldt Bay watershed to celebrate the bounty of the area and develop a vision for its future.
  • Housatonic River Restoration - A community-wide collaboration of Berkshire municipalities and environmental and river organizations to develop and implement a restoration plan for the Housatonic River in the wake of PCB remediation.
  • Idaho Rivers United - is a statewide, non-profit river conservation group devoted to the protection of Idaho's rivers, streams and riparian areas and the recovery of Idaho's wild salmon and steelhead.
  • Jersey Coast Anglers Association Homepage - Apart from the continuous involvement in fisheries management issues, the Association is also involved with projects that target a specific purpose.
  • Lake Michigan, Buck Creek, Spring Lake, Muskegon Lake - Horizons High School Environmental Studies Program
    The mission of Water Ecology Studies @ Horizons is to provide the best, free water quality network for West Michigan
  • Lake Level Restoration on Lake Michigan and Huron - Lake level information.
  • Little Manistee Restoration - Mission is to bring together persons and organizations who have an interest in the resource conservation and restoration of the Little Manistee River.
  • Los Angeles River - 
    Includes the "Los Angeles River Virtual Tour."
  • Massachusetts Department of Environemtal Protection - Home page for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection's Bureau of Resource Protection
  • Mississippi - Mississippi River Basin Alliance
    The Alliance is a citizens' coalition that unites environmental justice organizations and traditional conservation groups around issues impacting the Mississippi River.
  • Mississippi River - The Riverview Times
    The changing human and political environment as it affects the Mississippi River, as well as the environmental, recreational and historic character of this noble waterway at the heart of North America.
  • Mississippi River - Mississippi Headwaters Board
    Protecting the first 400 miles of the Mississippi River.
  • Montana Water Center - Charter of the National Partnership on the Management of Wild and Native Fisheries administered by the Montana university system Water Center.
  • National Fish and Wildlife Foundation - A collaborative effort between the NFWF, BLM, the FS, BOR and Trout Unlimited to restore the health of riverine systems and their native species.
  • Native Fish Society - Conservation,protection,preservation of Northwest Native Fishes.
  • Nedia Enterprises, Inc. - Manufactuer and supplier of engineered biodegradable erosion control products including erosion control fabrics, streambank stabilization products and sediment control products.
  • Neuse River - Raleigh News & Observer
    "Sold Down the River," stories, images and resources on the Neuse River
  • New York State Department of Environmental Conservation - Protecting New York State's environment and managing natural resources
  • NEWEA Wetlands Committee - The NEWEA Wetlands Committee is a group of 15 to 20 persons from regulatory agencies, consulting firms, public authorities, and universities who are interested or involved in wetland issues.
  • North Santiam River - Salem Public Works Water Resources
  • Official site for Northumberland's rivers - Latest information about river restoration in Northumberland,UK, as well as where to fish on some of the best salmon and trout rivers in England.
  • Organizations Campaigning for River Restoration - River Revival seeks to promote and support the work of the grassroots activists and non-governmental organizations engaged in dam decommissioning and river restoration activities. Follow the links below.
  • Pheasant Branch - A Report From The North Fork Pheasant Branch Watershed Committee.
  • Pierce County Stream Team - The web site ofthe Pierce County Stream Team in Pierce County, Washington. Provides volunteer H2O quality monitors for streams and lakes, riparian zone planting projects and other volunteer oreinted activities.
  • The Potomac River Land Trust - The Potomac Conservancy, a land trust dedicated to preserving the scenic and natural Potomac River.
  • Puget Sound - People for Puget Sound/SoundWeb
    People for Puget Sound is a non-profit citizens group dedicated to educating and involving people in protecting and restoring the land and waters of Puget Sound and the Northwest Straits.
  • Puget Sound - Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
    Formed in 1984 as a coaltion of citizens and organizations concerned about the health of Puget Sound, Puget Soundkeeper Alliance (PSA) has been on the forefront of Sound stewardship ever since.
  • Rio Blanco River Restoration Project - Specifically, the demonstration restoration project is located just below the US Highway 84 bridge and encompasses about 2.1 miles of stream.
  • Rio Grande/Rio Bravo - Project del Rio
  • River Alliance of Wisconsin - This is the home page of the RAW a non-profit, non-partisan, statewide, river conservation organization .
  • River habitat restoration projects in Wales - Pictures and details of projects to restore river habitats and improve trout, salmon and sea trout fisheries in Wales, UK.
  • River Revival - International Campaign for River Restoration and Dam Decommissioning that seek to restore free-flowing rivers in watersheds across the United States, and we are supporting similar efforts in other countries as well.
  • Riverkeeper - The Riverkeeper movement is an environmental 'neighborhood watch' program, a citizen's patrol to protect the nation's waters.
  • RoLanka International Inc. - Erosion control and horticultural products from coconut fiber (coir). Excellent for soil, bioengineering, streambankstabilization,vegetated waterways and any other application.
  • Rouge River - Rouge Education Project
    The "Rouge Model" was an original model project for GREEN.
  • Sacramento Watersheds Action Group - Salmonid Habitat restoration in Sulphur Creek, an urban stream in Redding, Ca along with other restoration activities implmented by non-profit, community-based, organization.
  • Saginaw Bay, Lake Michigan - WETNET
    WETNET is a school project that displays and manages water quality data gathered by more than 60 elementary, middle, and high schools in Michigan's Saginaw Basin on interactive computer maps on the Internet.
  • San Jacinto River - San Jacinto River Association
  • San Lorenzo River Restoration Institute - aims to re-establish streamside habitat, bring back fish and bird life, and improve recreation areas in the San Lorenzo River Watershed.
  • San Luis Obispo Creek - Central Coast Salmon Enhancement
    Salmon streams on California's Central Coast.
  • San Luis Obispo Creek - San Luis Obispo Creek Task Force
    The San Luis Obispo Creek Task Force is facilitated by The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County. More information about the San Luis Obispo Creek Watershed Enhancement Program can be found on their home page.
  • Santa Clara River - Friends of the Santa Clara River
  • Sarasvati River - 
    A Celebration of the Legacy of the Sarasvati Civilization. Ancient courses (ca. 3000 B.C.) of the Sarasvati River (1600 km.) have been established through multi-disciplinary studies. Projects are ongoing to develop the Sarasvati River Basin. The Sarasvati River image Library contains Notes on Geology and Natural History, Sarasvati Legacy Images and General Images & Maps.
  • Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority - We have a jurisdiction of over 1,800 square miles (4,675 in southern Ontario and look after the environmental concerns of the Saugeen, the Pine and the Penetangore river watersheds.
  • Save our Waters online-help - European based worldwide help service for endangered fisheries that incorporates conservation materials from FFF and lots of other conservation organizations worldwide.
  • Save The Murray River - The future of the Murray River is crucial to all Australians. This site provides a central point of reference for information on the River and avenues to save this lifeline for Australia.
  • Schuylkill River - 
    You will find that this site is just as much about Community as it is about Rivers - but then they always have gone together. You'll find many references to their mutual history here in this exhibit.
  • South Coast Fishermen Inc. - A fellowship of sport and commercial fishermen to enhance the salmon and steelhead resource based in Brookings Harbor Oregon.
  • Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts - Fishery biologists & consultants for lake & stream construction & management, also trout ponds, farm ponds.
  • Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration - Sportsmen and women who, by doing the things they love, help to restore and protect fish and wildlife in each state in this country.
  • Stream Restoration - An Owasco Watershed Lake Association Citizen's Guide to the Design of Sustainable Streambank Protection and Riparian Habitat Restoration Practices.
  • Stream Restoration Projects in Southern and Central Oregon. - Stream restoration projects in Southern Oregon within the Rogue basin and in the Metolius basin of central Oregon.
  • StreamWise - Achieving restoration goals with natural stream form, processes and function.
  • The Aquatic Resources Education Association - AREA is a professional association of national, state and territorial natural resource and fishery education managers, program coordinators and education specialists, university faculty and others involved or interested in the management and delivery of aquatic resources education programs.
  • The Catch & Release Foundation - The Foundation serves to advise, educate and develop support for the research and management of programs designed to conserve and improve our aquatic resources.
  • The Gamefishing Web - A site dedicated to all of you who are fascinated by salmon, trout and sea trout and who get great delight from all aspects of fishing for them. Brought to you by The Gamefishing Partnership.
  • The Keeper Alliance - The Water Keeper Alliance is the umbrella organization for the 40 Keeper programs located throughout North and Central America.
  • The Landscape Ecology Group - at Umeň University Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Ecology and Environmental Science.
  • The New York State Federation of Lake Associations - Nysfola(FOLA) is a statewide, volunteer-based organization. It is the umbrella group for anyone interested in issues related to New York's lakes, reservoirs, ponds, streams, rivers and related surface water resources.
  • The North Channel Preservation Society - is dedicated to the protection of the natural beauty of Lake Huron's North Channel.
  • The S.O.N.S. (Save Our Native Species) of Lake Erie Fishing Club - The S.O.N.S. (Save Our Native Species) of Lake Erie Fishing Club is an active organization of over 1600 members. Established in 1981, dedicated to the improvement of fishing on Lake Erie and its Pennsylvania tributaries.
  • Theodore Gordon Flyfishers - Theodore Gordon Flyfishers is a New-York-based organization dedicated not only to promoting catch-and-release flyfishing but also to preserving/enhancing local coldwater fisheries.
  • The Stream Team - the Stream Systems Technology Center.
  • The U.S. River Conservation Team - How to organize a river cleanup. Part of the U.S. River Conservation Team and the National Rivers Website.
  • Thornapple River - Riverhouse
    Environmental education site for the Thornapple River Watershed Group, associated with West Michigan Environmental Action Council.
  • Thornton Creek - Thornton Creek Project
    One of the best examples of watershed education programs on-line, produced by students.
  • Tualatin River - Oregon Episcopal School
    Students have posted maps and data from wetlands on their school site.
  • Tualatin Riverkeepers Home Page - The Tualatin Riverkeepers promotes watershed stewardship through public education, public access, citizen involvement and advocacy.
  • Upper Delaware Chapter of TU TU chapter with hatch chart, fishing maps, river flows and conservation information for the Upper Delaware Watershed in NY/PA.
  • View to Fisheries - Educational and scientific web site incorporating the areas of freshwater fisheries management, consultancy and conservation.
  • Watershed Projects Inventory - Watershed Projects Inventory (WPI) is an integration of project data compiled as part of the California Watershed Project Inventory (CWPI) plus project data gathered as part of the more comprehensive Natural Resource Project Inventory.
  • Wildland Hydrology Consultants - The goal of Wildland Hydrology is to offer a series of training courses designed to provide "hands on" experience for those individuals working with rivers and their watersheds.
  • Willamette Riverkeeper - Working to make the Willamette River Watershed healthy for fish and wildlife, and safe for fishing and swimming, forever and for all.
  • Wissahickon Valley Watershed Assoc. Home Page - Our goal is to raise money so that WVWA will continue to offer vital programs which include: Environmental Education, Land Stewardship and Open Space Preservation.
  • WRIC Watershed Restoration - This site will be a one-step-shopping place for all your information needs in watershed restoration also an interactive centre where people meet to share information.
  • Yarra River - Yarra Valley Water Education
    Aimed at teachers and students, this site provides detailed information about water supply, treatment and conservation.


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